Málaga Airport - Taxi Airport

Taxi San Fernando Bahia is a company with a long history in the taxi sector. We are in continuous renovation to offer our clients the best route by Taxi and take us into account for their next trips.

Malaga Airport has allowed us to develop touristically. Malaga Airport receives international and intercontinental tourists every year. Our fleet of taxis has hybrid cars, new and in impeccable condition to receive you. Our prices are cheap and affordable. We also offer you all the comforts and facilities

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Frequent questions

The fastest and most comfortable way to get to Cádiz from Malaga Airport is by taxi

The prices in Taxi San Fernando Bahia are the following:

  • Malaga Airport – Conil (Playa del Palmar): From € 265.00
  • Malaga Airport – Chiclana (Barrosa beach): From € 265.00
  • To Malaga airport – Zahara: From € 230.00

There are several options. One of them is the commuter train, but in many cases the time slot they have is very limited. Another way is to go by Taxi, we offer Transfer to Cádiz from Malaga Airport and vice versa from € 230.00